Universities and Agencies Enjoy Samplings of 9Muses Fine Arts Program

"Nine Muse gave us an opportunity to have fun and enjoy ourselves as a team. We learned about the offerings and activities here. I wish we had this type of facility in all of our areas." Magellan Staff Member

​Universities incorporate 9Muses' recovery techniques into their program curriculum for students in the Nursing and Occupational Therapy Program, including a sampling of classes at the art center. If you have a group that would be interested in the 9Muses experience, we are here to help. Supplies are provided enabling participants to fully enjoy some of our program curricula and increase mental health awareness and witness recovery in action.

Members of Henderson Behavioral Health regularly attend 9Muses Art Center's Program Sampler enjoying dance, creative writing, drawing, and watercolor "mini" classes. The sampler may also include Sculpey clay creations and mask painting in which each person is given a mask to paint and take home. It is a fun and rewarding experience for all who participate.

Attendees shared their experience with us:
"I liked dancing very much" - Irena
"I liked them all, I couldn't decide" - Mike
"I liked the writing, clay, and painting" - Kathy
"I had so much fun" - Christine

If you would like to sign up for the 9Muses program experience, contact us direct at 954 746-2055 ext. 108.



We are very competitive with our pricing, if you have a price in mind (within reason), chances are we can paint something for you. Prices are based on time and materials.

Interior Mural is painted on 3/4" finished plywood and can be mounted directly on the interior wall with wood trim finishing on each piece.

Custom dimensions available for every need - pricing starts at 200.00.

Exterior murals most often require on-site execution and begin at $25.00 per square foot.

These are priced on an individual basis and available per request.

Our Muse productions can be seen at:

South Florida State Hospital (Correct Care)

Florida Medical Center

Broward General (Broward Health)

Lease to Buy Program

We are All mentally ill.

You may find the above statement difficult to believe, but it's true. We may not all fit into a textbook category for a particular illness, but whether we are aware of it or not, we all have our individual quirks – and face life challenges that result in “symptoms.” That’s what makes us human. We believe that the best way to remove the stigma associated with mental illness is to see that we all have more in common with each other than we may like to imagine. That includes the area of mental illness.

Like physical illness, mental illness is very common. At times, more hospital beds are occupied by people who are emotionally ill than by those with physical ailments. In every doctor’s office, there are more patients with emotionally-induced illnesses than exclusively physical ones. Of course, a patient may not recognize that their symptoms are of emotional origin, and at times, neither will their doctor. Many ailments have an emotional component whether we like to accept it or not.

The membership of 9Muses Art Center would like to propose an innovative partnership opportunity for your practice to understand, relate, and refer to support services for those who may experience emotional problems.

Medical providers who exhibit the works of 9Muses Art Center report it as a tool to easily include mental health and wellness in their everyday language. This is just one advantage of turning your waiting rooms, exam rooms, hallways and/or restrooms into an art gallery.

In doing so, you will create an ever-changing and welcoming environment for each and every person your practice serves. Original works of art, professionally framed and installed, will enhance your service environment and create an opportunity to introduce mental wellness themes.

Promoting awareness and greater understanding actually assists in recovery. As many of our members have reported: “The worst thing about being mentally ill is not the illness, it is the way we are treated by others because of it.”

Through this partnership agreement, your clients/patients will gain access to MHA’s educational and referral services. To those who qualify, a free membership to 9Muses Art Center is an opportunity that can change lives.

Together we can remove the stigma that is associated with having a mental illness and promote the understanding that Mental Health is a goal that everyone can achieve.