Schedule of Art Classes and Wellness Workshops


9AM: Open Studio 

10AM-1PM: Mono-type Printmaking  

10:30AM-12PM: *Depression Support Group 

12-1PM: Member Meeting (2ND MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH)  

1-2PM:*Live Mentally Healthy

2-5PM: Jewelry Workshop

2-5PM: *Creative Writing

2-5PM: Two or More: Mixed Media Art

5PM: Clean Up 


9AM: Open Studio

9:30-10:30AM: Self Care Hour

10AM-12PM: Acrylic Techniques

11AM-12PM: What We Fight For (Advocacy)

1-2PM: #4Mind4Body 

1-3PM: Critique & Explore 

3-4PM: Beneficial Budgeting

4-5PM: Art Talk 

3-5PM: Social Belonging

5PM: Clean Up

6-8PM: Depression Support


9AM: Open Studio

10AM-12PM: Watercolor Basics

10-12PM: WRAP Lab (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)

12:30-2PM: #TOOLS2THRIVE Workshop 

1-3PM: Watercolor Specialty Techniques 

2-5PM Crafts with Friends

2:30-5PM: Navigating Emotions: Helpful vs Harmful

3-5PM: Advanced Watercolor Painting

5PM: Clean Up



9AM: Open Studio

11-12PM: #B4STAGE4 

1-2PM: Beyond Addiction 

2-5PM: Music Lessons

2-5PM: Clay Techniques

5PM: Clean Up


10AM-12PM: Music Lessons

10:30AM-1:00PM: Kindness Crafts

11AM: Mental Health Screenings

1-2:30PM: Acting 

1-4:30PM: Percussion

1:30PM-3:00PM: Advanced Jewelry Making

3-4PM: Motion Matters 

3-4:30PM: Kindness Crafts

4:30PM: Clean Up

Find a quiet, private space while you attend class.

It is important to find a quiet space for your video calls so that you can hear your meeting and so that you are not being disruptive to others while your mic has to be on. Doing other tasks during class is not prohibited at all. However, be mindful of the unexpected noises that may come out of your computer.

Do not talk over each other. Use the chat function to ask questions.

Chances are you will have questions during class. It can be hard to get the instructor’s attention. In order to decrease interruptions or the flow of the class, we ask that you use the chat function for questions whenever possible. This way, you can submit all the questions you want without audibly interrupting. Then, during a natural lull, the teacher can answer those questions at their convenience.

Do not keep your mic on if you are not speaking.

If it is not your turn to speak during the meeting, keep your microphone muted. Otherwise, your microphone will stream the sounds of your movements. This is especially important if you plan to eat during, tend to fidget loudly, or if your art supplies are making noise, i.e. brushes in a glass of water or kneading clay. These background noises can be very distracting. Skype has a microphone icon you can tap on to mute or unmute your microphone during class.