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Our Staff

9Muses Art Center

Muses Management Team

Nicole Storrs - Adult Services Director

[email protected]

Ann Marie O'Connor - CSP Supervisor

[email protected]

LeeAnne Bugter-vanLoon, OTD- Supervisor/ POP

[email protected] 

Certified Peer Specialists

Katie Leonard - Peer Specialist / POP [email protected]

Robin Henderson-Jones - Peer Specialist / POP [email protected]

Richard Aldret   [email protected]

Ariel Collins   [email protected]

Pat Kennedy   [email protected]

Carolina Poll   [email protected]

Seth Line Program Managers

Kenneth Jones  [email protected]

Lona Camp  [email protected]

Call (954) 578-5640

Weekdays 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Support & Services

Custom Framing   [email protected]

Member Services   [email protected]