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A Peer-Run Organization Promoting Wellness and Empowerment

Welcome to 9Muses Art Center!

9Muses Art Center is a drop-in center located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We are a program of Mental Health America of Southeast Florida providing free peer-driven behavioral health support to adults with mental health and substance abuse disorders. The center has a fully functioning studio for fine arts classes and ceramic art. Participants may choose from a broad array of visual and performing arts.

Classes and personalized instruction along with individual studio time allow members to create according to his/her own personal “muse." Evidenced-based wellness activities and anxiety and depression support groups are held weekly. Members can engage in stimulating activity, free from the stigma of mental illness.

The center has been promoting wellness for over 20 years and functions successfully as a peer-run organization. Members are free to come and go as they please, participate in any art classes, support groups, and wellness activities they wish, or sit and enjoy coffee and conversation with other members. Positive interaction creates a sense of empowerment and promotes mental health. Come join us! See what a Muse can do for you...


Opening exhibit is Friday December 10, 2021 from 6-8PM.

7149 West Oakland Park Blvd.

Lauderhill, Florida 33313

for more information call 954-746-2055 ext#108 or email

Exhibit 302.0

When we conceived of EXHIBIT 302.0, we created it with the idea that it would aid in combatting social stigma and celebrating the progress we had made in the LGBTQ+ community. These past few months have proven that progress is not a steady, linear rise towards equality, but it continues to be something we must fight to maintain and move forward. Named for the original diagnosis code for homosexuality, “exhibit 302.0” is an art exhibition focused on the intersections of mental illness, queer identities, and pathologization. Artists were invited to explore joy and triumph within these designations.

A grant in support of this exhibit was awarded to Mental Health America of Southeast Florida; 9MusesArtCenter, this exhibit was made possible by the following Funds at Community Foundation of Broward: Gay and Lesbian Broward Community Fund, Richard Frisby and Edward Burkhart Fund, Charles L. Ross Fund, The Robert Elmore Family Fund, Everett H. Metcalf, Jr. Unrestricted Fund

9MUSESARTCENTER would like to SINCERELY THANK all of the ARTISTS who shared their EXPERIENCE in the form of art. EXHIBIT 302.0 PARTICIPANTS:













Create Art to Express Yourself and Maintain Your Mental Health



9Muses members have an opportunity to engage in both arts and wellness classes. Members can learn to create unique works of art through a variety of fine and performance arts classes. Attendees can develop personal skills and techniques through wellness courses.



Art classes, wellness courses, support groups, and social events at 9Muses Art Center are natural supports. These supports can prevent adverse outcomes for those suffering from mental health issues. Natural supports and education create resiliency and create habits and strategies to help prevent hospitalization or behavioral health issues.



As a community staple for more than twenty years, 9Muses Art Center is a trusted voice in mental health matters and advocacy. As a peer-run center, we are advocate on behalf of the community from a consumer’s point of view. MHA and 9Muses Art Center regularly participates in local and state boards and with partner organizations to further the goals and dignity of those with mental health issues.



We are an organization focused on empowering the individual to create, execute, and maintain their mental wellness. Arts classes help members develop a wide range of practical and artistic skills which empowers them to express themselves. Our wellness courses teach members to empower themselves to advocate for their needs and empower them to take control of their mental health.

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The Nine Muses

Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (Memory) in Greek mythology are the inspiration of artists and scientists. Their names are Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania.

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