Nova Southeastern University’s Occupational Therapy students were visiting 9Muses Art Center for the fieldwork portion of their mental health education.

 In their activity, members were encouraged to identify things that they take part in now and what they want to take part in the future through the creation of a vision board. Many members were able to find similarities amongst each other that developed meaningful conversations about shared goals that encompassed a healthier lifestyle. For example, members spoke about learning to cook healthier meals, exercising more frequently, and identified long-term goals to achieve for the future. 

In addition, members participated in a socialization icebreaker in which members shared a fact about themselves that they enjoyed. We used a ball of yarn to throw to members that shared the same interest. This allowed other members to realize they had more things in common so that they can relate with each other, showing that we are all interconnected. Throughout this experience, the students learned that group activities can encourage socialization and promote strong support systems. In doing so, this promotes wellness and enhances the quality of life. The students were able to learn and demonstrate that through the act of doing and engaging in meaningful activities the members can manage their mental health symptoms and promote a healthier lifestyle.

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